Friday, 20 August 2010

My patterns for sale on Etsy

Just for reference, I'm putting a list here of the crochet patterns I usually have for sale on Etsy. These are all normally available, with all the details about the materials and skill level needed to make them, at If any of them are missing from my shop, just contact me and I'll relist them.

You can also buy most of my patterns, and download several free ones, from Ravelry. and  LoveCrochet

**Updated May 2016**

Star Wars Mini Amigurumi Patterns:

 Slave Leia

Dragonet Amigurumi Pattern:

Adorable Monster Amigurumi Pattern:

Small Spirit Pattern:

Flora the Elephant Amigurumi Pattern:

Witch and Wizard Amigurumi Pattern:

More details here.

Woolly Jumpers Amigurumi Pattern - Rabbit and Lamb:

Chubby Gnomes Amigurumi Pattern:

Tooterphants Amigurumi Pattern:

Mother and Child Spirits Amigurumi Pattern:

Flappy Owl Amigurumi Pattern:

Little Folk Amigurumi Pattern:

Finn and Jake Amigurumi Patterns: 

Woolly Monkey Amigurumi Pattern:

Wee Mousie Amigurumi Pattern:

Baby Elephant Pattern:

Halfling Pattern:

Elf Pattern:

Dwarf Pattern:

Alpaca Family Pattern:

Yeti and Bigfoot Pattern:

Cuddly Dragon Pattern:

Little Monkey Pattern:

Bracken The Fox Pattern:

Mini Pets Patterns - Snails, Bugs and Frogs:

Roman Soldier Pattern:


Gloria P. said...

I would like to buy the 10 star wars patterns for 26 but could see how to buy them that way on your esty can you send me the link? Thank you.

Your ami creations are fantastic.

LucyRavenscar said...

Thank you!

Here's the link to buy the ten patterns:

I usually have the set of ten patterns as one of the featured items in my shop (at the top).

Unknown said...

I'm a knitter and wondered if you sell them already made?

Anonymous said...

Was very excited to see your Star Wars amis mentioned in a crochet mag in the UK - think it was Inside Crochet.

drchipohpoh said...

I'm not a knitter, and would also like to know if you sell these made?

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi Earwig - I was very excited too, I squealed when I saw the magazine in WHSmiths!

I'm afraid I only sell the crochet patterns, not the finished items for the Star Wars amigurumis. I like to develop new patterns, and I would never have the time to do that if I made them for everyone who was interested. Sorry!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

I am enthusiastically from your figures! They are simply charming! I would offer them with pleasure in my store in Germany. Do you also sell for stores? Many greetings, Éva

LucyRavenscar said...

Thank you! These are all patterns rather than the finished figures. I only sell a few one-off creatures that are also in my Etsy shop.

Erica said...

I just found your blog while searching for something else on Ravelry. I LOVE your patterns! Such creativity and color; I especially love the cork-based patterns. SADLY, after watching a few episodes of "Hoarders," I got rid of a bottle chock full of saved corks... looks like I will have to get some more wine, and get to work! Sadness, indeed. Thanks for sharing your goodies!

LucyRavenscar said...

Oh no! Less and less bottles of wine are using corks - a lot of the ones I've had recently are screw-top. Luckily, I picked up my corks from two people who had been saving them - hoarding is good!

I'm glad you like my patterns, I hope you have fun making some of them.

Rossane Merat said...

You make beautiful things
I love the Yoda

Margriet said...


LucyRavenscar said...

Thank you! I've just updated the list to put the two latest Star Wars patterns on, and the Witch and Wizard pattern.