Monday, 10 February 2014

Leesub Sirln

Last year I was contacted by a lady asking if I would make a custom Star Wars amigurumi for a friend. Well, I don't normally make the toys, only the patterns, but when she said her friend had actually appeared in the original Star Wars, I couldn't refuse. Her friend is Pam Rose, and she played an alien in the background of the Cantina scene, called Leesub Sirln. I must have seen the character lots of time creating part of the atmosphere of the Cantina, but I wasn't quite sure what she looked liked so I went to her website to check - a beautiful leggy alien with a large head.

I made the amigurumi to the same scale as my other Star Wars characters - getting the head just the right shape and working out the unusual hairstyle was an interesting challenge, and it wasn't easy to get the detail into her minimal costume, but I think I did it.

Mini Leesub was given to Pam for Christmas, and apparently she was very pleased with it. She very kindly sent me a signed photo, and I'm very happy to have made a figure for the person who actually portrayed the character!


Eska said...

How cool is that! She was such a lovely alien.

StrawberrySun said...

Absolutely adorable.

Will you make the pattern available? Would love to make her.

Raichely said...

Awesome story. I wish something like that would happen to me someday... <3
Also, the amigurumi is great! I love how you managed the details ;)

Keroro said...

I don't know the character but it looks great and you can see how much love you put into this amigurumi. I like it very much!

LucyRavenscar said...

Thank you! Strawberry Sun, I didn't know if anyone would be interested in a pattern for a relatively obscure character, but I'll certainly work on it if people are interested.

Alison said...

She is fabulous! I followed the link to her webpage & scrolled through the pics. You captured her extremely well :)

Did you happen to notice the picture of her "relaxing on the set"? She's knitting! LOVE IT!

Finally picked up the 1st set of Star Wars ami & made Yoda. I JUST LOVE HIM! Thanks :) and May the 4th be with you, Lucy

LucyRavenscar said...

Thank you! Yes, I saw the photo of her knitting (I think she might crochet too), very cool seeing it done on the Star Wars set!