Thursday 10 December 2015

Mini Snowman - free crochet pattern

Here's another, pretty simple Christmas crochet pattern, for a wee snowman in a woolly hat and scarf. Hang him on your tree, or use him as part of a Christmas display. As you can see, he looks great with the tiny penguin from yesterday.

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
tog = together
sc2tog = decrease by working two sc together
BLO = work in back loop only
FO = fasten off

Approximate size: 5cm/2" tall.

General instructions:
Work in rounds unless otherwise stated and do not join rounds unless told to. Use a stitch marker to mark the start of a round - a small piece of different coloured yarn placed under the stitch at the start of the round will do. To start a round, you can use the magic ring method, but I prefer to ch 2, and work the appropriate number of sc into 1st ch. If you work the sc over the tail of yarn as well you can use that to pull the hole tight.

When changing from one colour of yarn to another work the stitch before the change until there are two loops left on the hook. Then use the new colour for the final yarn over hook and pull through.

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.

You will need:
Small amounts of white yarn, and two colours of bright yarn for the hat and scarf, double knitting or worsted weight.
Small amount of black yarn to embroider details.
A length of cotton yarn to hang as a decoration.
Small amount of stuffing.
3.5mm (E) hook.
Tapestry needle.

Start with main hat colour yarn.
Round 1: Ch 2, work 6 sc into 1st ch - 6 st.
Round 2: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] 3 times - 9 st.

Round 3: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 st] 3 times - 12 st.
Change to contrast hat colour yarn.
Round 4: Sc in each st around – 12 st.
Change to white yarn.
Round 5: BLO Sc in each st around – 12 st.
Round 6 - 7: (2 rounds) Sc in each st around – 12 st.
Round 8: [Sc2tog, sc in next 2 st] 3 times – 9 st.
Round 9: 2 sc in each st around - 18 st.
Round 10 - 13: (4 rounds) Sc in each st around – 18 st.
Round 14: [Sc2tog, sc in next st] 6 times – 12 st.
Round 15: Sc2tog 6 times – 6 st.
FO, leaving a length of yarn, and stuff. With the cotton yarn, sew a loop at the top of the head if you want to hang your snowman as a decoration. Using black yarn sew eyes, mouth and three buttons down the front. Finish stuffing and sew up bottom of snowman neatly.

Using one of the colours you used for the hat, ch 22 and FO. Tie tightly around snowman’s neck with a double knot.


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