Sunday 8 April 2012

Mini Crochet Creatures - Wee Sheepie

Happy Easter! I've just written up a few patterns to make some tiny little crochet animals - a little sheep, a tiny turtle, and two versions of a baby octopus. Below are a list of abbreviations and some general instructions that will help with all the patterns, and then the pattern to make a Wee Sheepie. I'll put the patterns for the other animals in the following posts.

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
dc = double crochet (US), treble crochet (UK)
hdc = half double crochet (US), half treble crochet (UK)
BLO = back loop only
FLO = front loop only
tog = together
sc2tog = decrease by working two sc together
FO = fasten off

General instructions:
Work in rounds unless otherwise stated and do not join rounds unless told to. Use a stitch marker to mark the start of a round - a small piece of different coloured yarn placed under the stitch at the start of the round will do. To start a round, you can use the magic ring method, but I prefer (ch2, work 6 sc into 1st ch). If you work the 6 sc over the tail of yarn as well you can use that to pull the hole tight.

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.

Wee Sheepie

You will need:
Small amount of cream yarn.
Small amount of black yarn.
Small amount of stuffing.
3.5mm (E) hook.
Special stitch instructions:
4 dc pop: popcorn stitch for ears and legs. Work 4 dc into 1 st, take hook out leaving loop, put hook through 1st dc & pull loop through.
Start using black yarn.
Round 1: Ch 2, work 6 sc into 1st ch - 6 st.
Round 2: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] 3 times – 9 st.
Round 3: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 st] 3 times – 12 st.
Round 4: Sc in each st around - 12 st.
Round 5: Sc in next 4 st, 4 dc pop in next st, sc in next 3 st, 4 dc pop in next st, sc in next 3 st – 12 st.
Round 6: [Sc2tog, sc in next 2 st] 3 times – 9 st.
Change to cream yarn.
Round 7: 2 sc in each st around - 18 st.
Round 8: Sc in each st around - 18 st.
Change to black yarn.
Round 9: 4 dc pop in next st, (change to cream yarn) sc in next 2 st, (black) 4 dc pop in next st, (cream) sc in next 14 st – 18 st.
Round 10 - 11: (2 rounds) Sc in each st around - 18 st.
Round 12: Sc in next st, (black) 4 dc pop in next st, (cream) sc in next 2 st, (black) 4 dc pop in next st, (cream) sc in next 13 st – 18 st.
Round 13: Sc in each st around - 18 st.
Round 14: [Sc2tog, sc in next st] 6 times – 12 st.
Round 15: [Sc2tog] 6 times – 6 st.
FO, leaving lengths of black and cream yarn.
Embroider the eyes making patches using cream yarn with a dot of black yarn on top. Stuff and use length of cream yarn to sew up hole at bottom.


Creative Chaos Art said...

Oh he's lovely, thanks for sharing!
Helen x

Erin said...

Love! Bookedmarked for later ;)

LucyRavenscar said...

Thanks, have fun with it! I think it's nice to use real wool in a natural colour for this sheep, especially for the body.

Unknown said...

I'm making my sheep purple, but I'm having problem moving from the head to the body. Does the body attach to the head directly does that work? And even with the feet. I'm not sure if I'm reading the pattern right. I've never done one before and this is my first, truly working in rounds so...LOL

LucyRavenscar said...

This sheep is all made as you go along, with no sewing (apart from sewing up the hole at the end and embroidering the eyes). So, you start at the nose and just keep going, following the pattern. You change colour by doing the first part of a single crochet stitch in the first colour, then doing the final 'yarn over and through both loops' with the second colour. The ears and the feet are made by doing a 4 dc popcorn stitch. Changing colour before and after you do the popcorn stitch is a bit more fiddly, but if you're doing it all in one colour that will be easier.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a you tube video instead... It would help a,ot of beginners to follow the instructions

LucyRavenscar said...

I may well try to make videos for some of my free patterns. In the meantime, just try following the instructions carefully, it should make sense! And just ask if you get stuck at a particular bit.

stinacoffeebean said...

Can I sell and item made from this pattern?

LucyRavenscar said...

I'm fine with you selling products made from this pattern, if you can just credit me (Lucy Collin or Lucyravenscar) as the designer or link to my blog, that would be great.

arctic fox said...

thanks SOOO much it is so cuuute!!