Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Roman Soldier Amigurumi Pattern

There's a brand new pattern in my Etsy shop, a cute little Roman Soldier, with a choice of three different styles of armour. I've been working on this new pattern for a while now - I made the original way back in 2011 as a Christmas present for my nephew, who was really into the Romans. I was also a bit inspired at the time by Doctor Who, which featured the character Rory becoming an immortal Roman. I started to work on turning it into a pattern earlier this year but I got a bit side-tracked by various other projects. However, now I've finished all the work on it, and it's ready to buy.

The pattern lets you make a Roman Soldier, about 6.5" tall with a choice of three different styles of armour. There are also details to make a helmet, a sword and scabbard, and a cloak.

Living in Britain, I've always been interested in the Romans, who left an indelible mark on our country. We live quite close to two Roman villas, and I've really enjoyed taking my boys there, especially when they have re-enactment groups showing off their outfits and moves (and their legs!).

I think my little Roman would be prefect for anyone who's fascinated by Roman history, young or old, or for any Doctor Who fans who loved Rory in his Last Centurion persona.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Pattern and Yarn Giveaway

I'm involved with a massive new giveaway where you stand the chance of winning crochet and knitting patterns, and all sorts of yarn. It's been organised by Melody's Makings - just click to go to her page to find out what you need to do to enter, and to check out all the prizes on offer.

If you win my prize, you will be able to choose from the patterns in my Etsy shop and pick any you want up to the value of £13.20 (over $21). That means you'd be able to select 4 or 5 of my patterns, such as:

Flora the Elephant

Adorable Monster

Flappy Owl


Finn and Jake

I hope you'll want to enter this giveaway, and if you do, good luck!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Yarnbomb Creatures

Back in June I posted about a charity yarnbomb that was taking place on 25th August. They were trying to break the world record for the largest display of crocheted items, in the process decorating the garden of a children's hospice. I managed to make a few things and send them along before I went on holiday, and I was delighted to discover that they smashed the record with 13388 items! The Craft Club have got lots of photos on their Facebook  page if you want to look, seeing so many adorable crocheted creations together is amazing.

Because I was a bit short of time, I found a few things I'd made previously and sent those along too, but I did manage to make a few new things. This little toadstool guy:

Three baby owls, using eyelash/fringe yarn:
And two Snorks, little friendly trolls, made using fun fur type yarn: