Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring and Easter Patterns

We’ve had a lovely week here in the south of England, still quite chill but with lots of blue skies and sunshine, so it’s started to feel like spring – some of the muddy paths on my regular dog walks have even started to dry up! However, I still can’t believe it’s only a week until Easter. I thought I’d put together a list of my patterns that might be good to make for Easter, maybe as a substitute for one more chocolate egg, or as little extras in an Easter basket. I’ve also picked a few that make me think of spring, and getting outside to enjoy nature. Just click on the name to go to the patterns.

This is a pattern that allows you to make a cute lamb or rabbit, with the choice to have them wearing a dress/skirt or a sweater (jumper in the UK, hence the name). They’re about 6.5” tall (not including the rabbit’s ears) and would make a great Easter gift.

I originally designed these at Easter, the idea is that they’re egg-shaped, but also that I associate gnomes with gardening, and spring is when all the flowers start to appear. I think they’d be great to make as a gift with some packets of seeds and some plant pots or garden tools.

This pattern to make a set of crocheted mini creatures also reminds of spring, and children getting outside and exploring. Make it so you don’t end up with the real creatures in your house!

This is a very simple free pattern to make a cute little egg friend for Easter. I made a set of six for each of my boys and put them in old egg boxes, and they went on all sorts of adventures together!

Here’s a free pattern to make a little Easter bunny – you can make it in natural colours, or go for spring pastels, or even make it look like a chocolate bunny.

Tiny Chick
Very quick and easy to make, imagine lots of these on the breakfast table on Easter Sunday.

I haven’t seen any lambs in the fields yet, but here’s a free pattern to make a tiny little sheep, perfect for all us yarn lovers.

If you’d like a more realistic looking rabbit, here’s a tiny one you can make.