Sunday, 28 March 2021

Chubby Bunnies - free patterns

It's a week to go until Easter, and I've been working on some cute Chubby Bunnies and Baby Chubby Bunnies. You can find the free patterns on my Ravelry page and I've made a few different types to show you some options.

You can make them in natural rabbit colours, or use colourful or striped yarn for a fun look. Crochet the tails, or make a great big pom-pom instead. The Baby Chubby Bunnies are so quick and easy to make, you could crochet lots of them and use them in an Easter Egg hunt as an alternative to chocolate.

I hope you have fun with the patterns, let me know if you make any!

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Yeti and Bigfoot pattern - new method to make arms

I recently had a message from someone who was having problems making the arms for the Yeti from my Yeti and Bigfoot pattern, They are made from the fingers upwards and the technique can be quite fiddly to get to grips with. Otherwise the pattern is quite a straightforward one for people fairly new to making amigurumi, so I thought it would be good to try to make the arms easier to crochet. 

So, the pattern now includes the additional information on how to make the arms from the top down, which makes the fingers much easier to crochet. I still slightly prefer the way the original method looks, but there's not very much in it. If you've already bought the pattern you should be able to download it again and get the new version of the pattern. Contact me on the site where you bought it if you have any problems with this.

The new versions of the hands, small at top, big at bottom.