Thursday, 27 June 2019

Harry Potter Crochet

Big news! I have a new book coming out in October, Harry Potter Crochet. It's produced by the same people who did the previous two Star Wars books and in the same format, so it comes as a kit. There is a book with patterns to make Harry, Ron, Hermione in their school uniforms, with removable robes and scarves; Ginny in her Quidditch uniform and with her broom; Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall, along with the Sorting Hat; Hagrid, Dobby, Norbert the baby dragon and, of course, Hedwig. To complete the line-up we have He Who Must Not Be Named, Voldemort himself.

The kit includes everything you need to make Harry and Dobby - yarn, eyes and, best of all, a hook shaped like Harry's wand!

I'm a massive Harry Potter fan so I was really excited to be asked to work on this book. Because of the range of character sizes I decided to make them a bit differently to the Star Wars characters. The children are about the same size as most of the SW figures, but the adults are larger, with Hagrid obviously being the largest figure. That allowed me to make Dobby and Hedwig pretty much in scale with Harry, though it would have been impossible to do that with Norbert, so he's closer to being life-sized.

I finished designing the patterns and making all the figures back in January, so I've been waiting for a while to even be able to talk about this. Hopefully it won't seem too long to wait for it to come out in October. It's coming out in the US and you find it on Amazon, though it should also be available in other bookshops and craft stores. It's also available on Amazon UK as an import, so that will be the version with US crochet terms.