Saturday, 13 April 2019

Mother of Dragons

So, who else is eagerly anticipating the final series of Game of Thrones? All the publicity surrounding it has reminded me quite how much I enjoy this show, and love many of the characters, so I was inspired to design some of them in crochet form.

I started with one of my favourites, Daenerys Targaryen. She has a great look, with her white-blonde hair and dark eyebrows, and I decided to make her with the turquiose-blue dress she wears in season three.


Of course, I then had to make her three dragons, when they were about the size of large dogs.

I also thought that the costumes she wore once she got to Westeros were great, so I made a variation of the pattern with her wearing a grey coat and red cloak.

It was a bit of a challenge rendering her complicated hairstyle in crochet, but I think I did her various braids justice.

You can buy the patterns now, with the patterns for Daenerys and her dragons sold separately. You can also buy them together at a reduced price here.