Friday, 14 February 2020

Jon Snow and Ghost

While the final series of Game of Thrones was showing last year, I started working on these patterns, but various things conspired to mean that I hadn't got them finally finished and written up until now! I know series 8 got some mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it, and I thought the show as a whole was great. Jon Snow was always one of my favourite characters, and had a fascinating journey thoughout the show. I've designed him with a couple of different looks - the loose curly hair and mostly black clothes of the earlier seasons when he was in the Nightwatch, and the longer, pulled back hair and neck armour he wears in later seasons. The pattern also includes details to make a cloak with a fur collar for either version.


Of course, I had to make a pattern for his white direwolf companion Ghost. I thought it would also be nice to design two more versions with two-coloured coats so people can make a variety of different direwolves (or wolves - there's no difference apart from the scale with the Jon Snow figure). Wolves come in a variety of different colours - brown, black, reddish, grey or a mixture - so you can choose whatever yarn suits you best. If you can find a mottled one, that would probably give a really good effect.

Both patterns are available on Etsy (Jon Snow pattern here, Wolf and Direwolf pattern here) and you can buy them together at a reduced price here. You can also find them on my Ravelry page here.