Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fantasy Creatures Design Contest

Amigurumipatterns.net are holding a competiton to find the best cute fantasy amigurumi, and I've entered several of my patterns. I'd love you to vote for any of them that you like (or any of the other designs in the contest if you like those better). You get 10 votes so you don't have to choose just one.

Here are the designs that I've entered, just click on the 'Vote' link below each picture to go to the voting page with that pattern as the first one listed. If you want to vote for more than one of my characters you will need to stay on the same page and scroll through all the patterns. Voting ends at midnight on 10th December (UTC + 1), and everyone who votes gets entered in a raffle to win 100 Must-Have Minis yarn balls by Yarn and Colors.

Yeti and Bigfoot Families: Vote

Cuddly Dragons: Vote

Little Dragon Hatchlings: Vote

Tiny Baby Dragons: Vote

Chubby Gnomes: Vote

Bumble the Brownie Troll: Vote


Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that one can easily search for your patterns by pressing Ctrl+F and searching Lucy Collin. Seems easier than scrolling through so many entries :)

LucyRavenscar said...

Clever, thank you! I tried it, and there are yellow lines on the scroll bar marking where my entries are.

rkadesignz said...

Hi sweetie. Can u inbox me I'm currently enjoying my xmas pressie hubby bought me your star wars book sets I cannot.get jabba the hutt to work I've tried this several times.

LucyRavenscar said...

The easiest way to to contact me is via Etsy (http://www.lucyravenscar.etsy.com) or Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/designers/lucy-collin-2). You will also find various comments on Ravelry about the Jabba the Hutt pattern where I have answered people's questions about making him, you may find those helpful: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jabba-the-hutt/comments